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AndAlso is an improv company founded by two of the most experienced improvisers in the UK. Our classes combine the unbridled joy and practical benefits of improvisation. We run weekly classes and courses in Brighton and online, as well as longer retreats and intensives.
Applied improvisation

Improv in the workplace.

The aim of our Improv in the Workplace training is not to create performers, but to share the benefits of improvisation in other, non-theatrical contexts. We believe that the skills of improvisation are useful to all and accessible to anybody and have shared them with organisations from the NHS to Samsung, Google to Johnson & Johnson.

“Playful, joyful, super-helpful and informative with loads to take away and use, both in improv and in life generally. Hard recommend.”

Ann, Improviser, Suffolk

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How to talk less in improvisation – a Poem

One of the first questions people ask when they find out I am an improviser is ‘What happens if you can’t think of anything to say?’ As if saying things is the most important part. And it’s true: some improvisers tend to conflate...

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“Every class is an expertly orchestrated space to wreak creative havoc. I feel freedom, joy, challenge, companionship, care, and trust.”

Gen O’Keefe, Baltimore


  • Jules and Heather are probably the best improv teachers I've ever had. I don't see how the classes can be improved. Absolutely brilliant!
  • Insanely stimulating improv coaches!
    Jeanne, Toulouse
  • Accessible, delightful and had me laughing till I hurt.
    Madeline, Student, Utah
  • Heather and Jules are living sparks who crackle with possibility.
    Jeremie Dayglider
  • They will change the way you see and do improv (for the better)!
    Luis Nogueira, Portugal