Level 5 – Spring 2024

Brighton Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College 205 Dyke Road, Hove

Are you ready to experiment with your improv and learn to play in different ways? Do you want to break the show and reform it, and see what happens when […]

Free – £375.00

Open Drop in – Theme: Dumb is Fun – 14th March

Classroom 4, Maths Corridor, BHASVIC Brighton and Hove Sixth Form College, 205 Dyke Road, Brighton

Build your confidence and creativity, meet new people and laugh till your face hurts. Improv is both a creative practice and a life skill. And it’s also a really fun […]

Free – £17.50

And Also: An Improv Show ft. Ten Thousand Million

Daltons Madeira Drive, Lower Promenade, Brighton

A combination of experimental-free-jazz-punk-theatre, tight-rope-act and shooting the sh*t with some mates, improv is the art of right now. It’s scenes created in the moment, for and with the audience. […]

£5.00 – £10.00