New Year’s is a terrible time for resolutions, so we won’t be making any. That doesn’t mean there aren’t loads of things in the offing, just that they are all continuations of what we have been doing before. Here are a few headlines of what you can expect from us in 2024:

1. A full retreat and intensive schedule

From this year, AndAlso will be taking the responsibility of running the Maydays improv retreat, an event which has a very special place in our hearts. the retreat that has been going on so long that we don’t even know when it started, and we want to honour that history. Plus, there are all the normal AndAlso retreats and intensives, all of which will be live and bookable very soon.

2. An expansion of our online classes

The origin of AndAlso was in online classes during the pandemic (many of which are still going now), so this year we are delighted to expand that programme in 2024. There will be more classes, with more different teachers on more different topics, from the nerdy and specific to the open and general. There are already a couple of courses starting in the next few weeks, just scroll down to ‘Online Courses’ on this page here if you want some make-em-ups in your living room.

3. A Brighton home

We’ve talked about this a lot, and have visited quite a few buildings around Brighton. We’ve even had an architect make sketches and put in a bid on a couple. Nothing successful quite yet, but the whole process is refining what we are looking for, and we look forward to inviting everyone round our new place for a painting party. Or just to watch other people paint and have a cup of tea.

4. AndAlso: An Improv show (and Jam)

The cat is out of the bag on this one already, but we are delighted to announce that from February, we will have a monthly show at a lovely theatre called Dalton’s on the seafront in Brighton. Different each month, and featuring local and international improvisers, and a jam as well, this will be an opportunity to come and meet folks from other classes, play a scene or two, and have a well-earned drink after. All within a stone’s throw of the stones themselves.

5. A Brighton Improv Festival

Gulp, yes we said it. This has been discussed for well over a decade and we have decided that now is the second best time to plant that tree. It will be in September, to catch the end of the summer, and avoid the worst of the tourist rush. A lot more information will be coming very soon, including our headliners and how to apply. There will be lanyards, and a party as the sun goes down.

6. Levels 3 and 5

Maybe this is only exciting for teaching nerds like Heather and I, but by the end of the Spring term, we will have created and delivered five of the six levels of our core programme, joining up and standardising our courses to create a complete and comprehensive training pathway from beginner to experienced player. It’s one of the things I am most proud of this year, even if a lot of it is hidden away. Now to get started on the musical and narrative sections…

7. International guest teachers

Saying improv is one thing is like saying that all dance is ballet. So starting with Lyndsay Hailey in March (Brighton here and London here), we will be welcoming international guests from all over the place, doing all different kinds of improv with the aim is to add skills to our community and inspire us all to do things differently.

8. Opportunities to volunteer

Every improv school needs its volunteers; the helpful folks who man the box office, turn the lights on (and off), and show international visitors where they can get a decent fish and chips on the seafront. Maybe that’s you? We’ll need these for our online classes as well as our Brighton ones, and even for the occasional event we run in London, so if you think that might be you, click right here and let us know!

9. AndAlso: An Improv Merch Store

What’s on your stupid t-shirt? Nothing? A pattern? A band you like? What if I told you that soon it could be one of our new AndAlso t-shirts? We have some first concepts from the excellent Holy Beth design and look forward to sharing the final versions with you.

10. Instagram

Ok, so this is kind of cheating, since it has been live for a little while now. But we are @andalsoimprov on Instagram and we’d love you to join us. We share lovely improv pics of improv folks and even the occasional special offer and competition.