Jon NguyenJon is a British / Vietnamese improviser who trained with Dogface Improv in Norwich, UK. He is a proud member of the Maydays, The UK’s first pan Asian Improv Team The Comediasians, Hooplas raucous scenic team Michelle, the Virtual reality based show Galaxicle Implosions, the theatrical Improvised Play and the salaciously silly Unbridled and many more beside.

Jon has been lauded as a community builder in the Improv world. He has been part of Improv discussions about how we make the Improv space more diverse and inclusive and welcoming to those who may find it daunting to enter. He has attended, taught and performed at festivals in Europe and embraces the world of online Improv to help bring its joy to those at home.

Jon works in the world of theatrical and grounded relationship scenes and has fun in turning that on its head to see how it will play out. Jon’s first performing love is in story telling and finds it so very satisfying integrating the stories of ourselves and our own cultures onto the stage to share that oral history with audiences wherever they are.