Rebecca MacMillanRebecca came to improv from another life where she got a classics degree and held management roles within a large business and a national charity. Once she found improv however, there was no way back! Since then she’s studied, and continues to, with a long list of greats in Chicago and the UK. She performs with award-winning improv company The Maydays, Closer Each Day the Improvised Soap Opera, No Expectations: The Improvised Dickens Novel, The Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes, and Impromptu Shakespeare.

Rebecca devised and taught (to our knowledge) the first ever improv comedy course in Brighton. She guest teaches in improvising Shakespeare at a couple of universities, and has brought improv into the limelight speaking at various academic conferences. She’s involved with folk superstars Boss Morris, and danced with them at Wet Leg’s live TV performance at the Brit Awards in 2023.

As a teacher and coach Rebecca’s focus is enabling people to stay in the place of discovery and joyful bravery, while feeling supported and nurtured. She has many topics she loves to teach, but particular specialisms in genre improv and immersive experiences, playing from the heart, and working with musical, silent and non-verbal improvisation.